Ramadan – Eid

pre school have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Ramadan and the celebration of Eid this week. They have been taught simple facts about the month of Ramadan and are now aware that it is a time that the Muslim community reflect, show thanks and also help others. We have talked lots about the word “lucky” and how lucky we are to have beautiful families and homes. We then talked about those people who are not as lucky as us in the world and together we came up with things that we could do to help those people. For example: (the children offered some of the following suggestions) -Give those people some food -Look after theose people -Give those people some clothes -Make those people happy As it is now the end of Ramadan we have all celebrated together by throwing an Eid party and the children have had lots of fun dancing, joining in with party games and have even had the opportunity to eat lots of sweet treats. Our children were also offered the choice of making Eid cards if they wanted to and those that did used lots of glitter and sparkle to show it’s a happy celebration.