It is important that your child attends their allocated sessions regularly. This helps your child with the routines of the session and ensures that they maintain the relationships they have made with the staff and their peers.

If your child is going to be away it is essential you let us know, you can do this in a various number of ways:

  • Phoning the office on the first day of absence and each day of absence on 01924 488 808
  • You can text or call your child’s room direct on ;
  • Office: 07909 850 309
  • Baby Room: 07825 514 949
  • Buttercups Room: 07757 531 504
  • Pre School room: 07504 329 203
  • Send us a private message on our Facebook page
  • Leave a message on our website via the contact page.
  • Leave a message via our Famly app

If you fail to inform us of your son or daughter’s absence, we will contact you for a reason for the absence.