In accordance with the new Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) we are currently developing our outdoor provision.

We are aiming to ensure that the areas of activities we provide inside the nursery are continued to ensure continuity of provision.

When the weather is fine we have lunch and tea outside, also many of the activities from inside the nursery go out.

We have large outdoor canopies to protect the children from direct sunlight and also to prevent them from getting wet when it rains.

The outdoor space is divided into four separate areas, one for each room within the nursery thus enabling all the children to enjoy the outdoors at the same time without ratios and the safety of the children being compromised.

We have a variety of bricks and blocks at the nursery. They help develop early science and technology skills as they try to work out how to build a house, boat car or person.

Providing opportunities to make discoveries about volume, capacity, graduation, floating, sinking, absorbency and different textures and to use a new vocabulary relating to these disciplines.

Social opportunities are also provided. The children are learning to share equipment, express their emotions and co-operate together.

The children always thoroughly enjoy these activities and they also helo the child’s hand eye co-ordination and the development of the imagination and creativity.


There are many ways of using paint, as well as simply applying it to paper with a brush. Drawing and Painting is a fantastic way of expressing yourself

At nursery we have many sources for imaginative play. The children can use the Wendy house with all the dolls and home equipment, they can dress up in a variety of clothing, and the ‘Home Corner’ could be a shop, garage, hairdressers or many other things. Children like to copy adults and act out situations around them so that they can learn and understand the ‘real’ world.

We have many tabletop games and various jigsaw puzzles of different complexities. Many of these games are developing early maths skills such as recognising numbers, matching colours, shapes and numbers. They are also about learning and taking turns.

Children find Playdough wonderful! They love to stretch it, roll it, squash it and shape it.