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Postman Visit

During January our topic was learning about people who help us. The children learnt about many different occupations around us, from the local shop keeper to police and ambulance.

The children enjoyed a visit from a postman! He spoke with the children about what he does, brought many different resources with him that he uses on a daily basis and allowed the children to explore these, let the children dress in his work clothing and completed “You missed your delivery” cards with the children.

All the children enjoyed their visit and this sparked many conversations, role play and activities later in the week.

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Christmas Show

We had our Christmas show at the local parochial hall, the children performed Ralph the Reindeer to their parents. This was a great success, the children had a brilliant day and the parents enjoyed it.

Afterwards we held our Children party, the chef made lots of homemade food, we had many party games and lots of dancing for all the children at nursery.

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Food Bank

The children dressed up as characters from familiar stories. We decided it would be a nice idea if all the children brought an item of food in to donate to the local food bank. We had a great response from this and the children enjoyed delivering the bags of food and exploring the food bank along with meeting the staff that run it. Due to the great response we have decided to set up a permanent drop off area, where parents can add items of food and toiletries when they like, and these will be donated to the food bank on a regular basis.

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