“I just want to say a big thank you to the staff for helping Dontae to learn to like and eat veg! Especially Lisa as he told me Lisa always encourages him to try things before deciding if he likes it or not.
I used to struggle to get Dontae to eat most veg. He always had an excuse for why he didn’t like it before he even tried it. No matter what I did or said he was adamant he “hated it”, hahaha.
And fast forward to now he likes carrots, peas, cabbage and a few other vegetables he refused to even try in the past.
Also, he now enjoys fish pie and cheese and broccoli soup which is brilliant as I make all home made meals and he used to be fussy and barely eat any and now he eats exactly what we eat at mealtimes and enjoys it, so it has made my life so much easier! So thanks a lot guys!!”

My little girl’s first day at Childsplay was at the age of 5 months and she leaves in a couple of weeks to start her big school journey! There is no doubt in my mind that she is more than ready for the next phase of her journey, she will be starting school in September and is capable of counting to 50, writing her own name and can recite the full phonetic alphabet, Childsplay have played a massive part in her journey and I cannot thank them enough!

The girls at Childsplay have been amazing each and every step of the way, from weening, to potty training to moving house – the transition from home life to nursery life has been seamless and is the main reason I chose to keep my little girl in this nursery despite now living in Leeds. It’s a big decision to return to work full time as a mum but knowing that my little girl has been so happy to attend nursery has made the mama guilt much easier to take!

Thank you all so much, I know my child is going to miss you lots! 🙂


Well the day has arrived - Connors last day upstairs at nursery.

From Monday he will be in the portacabin with the next group. Just a few days over a year ago since he started and the change in him is incredible.

I know it was hard for the first few months but we are really seeing the benefits now, thanks to the hard work put in by all the staff in looking after Connor. He is going to miss all of you that work upstairs especially you Bethany Jasiewicz - we are so grateful and thankful that you have been looking after him.

I want to say a massive thank you to all who have helped with Connor, I am very grateful for everything. I'll also say good luck to the next lot of staff that will be looking after Connor lol x

“G came to school with knowledge of letters, Sounds, numbers and a good general knowledge, meaning she is above average”

“Development files are very informative and gave me enough information about G’s previous years before attending school. Staff have taken time to make the file special.”

“The transition tea was a very informal session which allowed me to chat with the children easily, Staff were very friendly and welcoming.”

“I had a fantastic time visiting Child’s Play. It was lovely to talk to the children about there learning journeys. I was made to feel very welcome and the children who have come to school from Child’s Play are happy, confident and secure.”

Dear all,
We would like to share our positive ongoing experience with CHILDSPLAY NURSERY. We have three children aged 5yr, 7yr and 12yr who have attended the nursery over the last four years, attending full time, breakfast club, after school club and holiday club. Our children think Childsplay is AWESOME and so do we; there are no negatives to be said about childsplay.

Here is but a few reasons as to why we think childsplay is AWESOME.

  • 1. A very caring and experienced management team.
  • 2. A hard working and caring team which have a child centred approach.
  • 3. An excellent environment which is safe and secure with excellent activities.
  • 4. A friendly environment.
  • 5. Excellent healthy meal choices.
  • 6. Excellent preschool and school educational support (sounds, reading & writing, homework etc).
  • 7. Excellent documentation of fees and child’s development.
  • 8. Excellent breakfast/after school club with drop off and pick up service plus a very fun and exciting holiday club.
  • 9. Excellent parental support.
  • 10. Excellent SENCO support.

These are our top 10; we could give a thousand reasons as to why childsplay is AWESOME. Childsplay are a committed service that will always go that extra step to deliver an EXCELLENT SERVICE, the staff and management team are caring and genuine.

We would highly recommend childsplay to any parent who is considering using the service.

Mr & Mrs Copley